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Still working on site. Will be fully up 02/01/2010. 

Ask Fenir for a pearl.

Events Scheduled:

Monday 7pm PST/10pm EST
Friday 7pm PST/10pm EST

Dynamis Rules

Each main city entry is worth 3 points. Dream Worlds and Outlands are worth 4. Everyone has to be on site 30 mins before start time to prep. Make sure to bring reraise and echo drop items. People that arrive 10 mins late will be penalized 2 points. 

Each member is expected to place their hourglass in their bazzar for 1 gil. The reason for this is in case something important drops and time is about to run out and if people are dead (which is common in some runs) those that have fallen and can not pass the said item or items can be warped out using this method. Those that do not follow this rule will lose 1 point. After each offense after this will cause the player to lose 2 points and will be placed on probation.

New members will be given a two week probation in which they can not lot unless the item is free lot. 

Members can only bid in two types of items: Synthesis Items or Relic Items. All Dynamis coins will go to the leader to store where most will be sold to fund future runs. There is no cost to enter.

In order to bid a member must be able to wear the item and must set the main job for that item on their seacom where the number 1 is the main, 2 is the secondary job. If noone bids for their main job for the said dropped relic then the bids start at secondary jobs. 

When a number is dropped members are asked to place a bid, where bids start at 1.

If a member attends all Dynamis events within the month he or she will be rewarded an extra 2 points at the end of that month. These points will distributed every first week of the following month.

Outlands drops will start bid at 3. Dream World drops will vary where normal drops will be worth 1 point, -1 items will start at 3 points (and you must already have the corresponding relic item upon possession), and accessories start at 2 points each. 

We understand that not everyone has access to Dream Worlds or Outlands that is why we are willing to give you partial points for being present on site to distribute hourglasses to late members. You will be given 2 points for being present on site. This counts toward the end of month bonus points.

This LS has an open door policy. If you leave your points remain. You won't lose em or lose points for not being here. However, if you miss more than two events you will be placed on a two week probation once again. 

Practice clinics: these are made to test out how our team work together and work on mistakes or possible strategies. These clinics will be held at random locations. Those that attend clinics will be rewarded 3 points for attending. Just remember, mobs in clinics are easier than dynamis mobs. BLM clinics are most likely to be held on Marids outside of Al Zhabi. 


Alliances (these are ideal)

Pullers Alliance: 1) 5X BLM/RDM - For nuking statues and sleepga and sleepga 2 
1X RDM/BLM - For refreshing and backup sleepga and healer
(SCH/WHM as another alternative for nuking and healing)

2) 2X PLD/WAR - Main assist and backup assist and possible sac
1X RDM/WHM - Refresher and backup heal
1X WHM/BLM - Main healer
2X THF/NIN - Sac pullers

3) OPEN - For extra BLMs and sac pullers (we can never have enough!)

Zerg Alliance(s): 1-3)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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